Prevent data from being compromised
Parameter security is the point to control the network, technology, and data. It is the outer edge of to control and have a responsibility to safeguard. As such, it is also the first point of contact for many external threats to the network, such as IDS/IPS, ANTI VIRUS & MALWARE, DMZ, FIREWALL
Protect your critical data with a secure connection to the server
Network security is protection of the access to files and directories in a computer networking against hacking, misuse, and unauthorized changes to the system, such as Web proxy content filtering, Anti virus & data center firewall, Enterprise IDS/IPS, Enterprise massage security.
Recognizing and terminating the introduction of compromised code
remotely bridged to client devices. Endpoint security attempts to ensure that such devices follow a definite level of complience to standards, such as IDS/IPS, Anti virus & malware, DMZ, firewall.
The best defence for securing your digital footprint
Application security encompasses maeasures taken to improve the security of an application often by finding, fixing, and preventing security vulnerabilities, such as Database secure gateway (Shield), WAF, Static app/code review, Dynamic testing app.
Have the best security measures in place to protect data and offers multiple security levels
Data security means protecting digital data, such as those in a database, from distructive forces and from the unwanted actions of unauthorized users, such as cyberattack or a data breach with DLP, Data integrity and monitoring, Identity access management, Data classification, Enterprise rights movement.

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Metrocom IT security solutions protect your company from potential hazards such as adware, ransomware, and more. It is also help increase your employees productivity by lowering risks of a virus slowing down computer functions. Metrocom IT security comprises of five solutions providing entities spanning accross industries

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Banking Sector

Prevent unauthorised changes to student academic records

Blockchain technology is a way to create an immutable audit trail of all authorized updates to student records stored in the university database. Each time a record receives an authorized update, it can be verified against the blockchain to identify any unauthorized changes that have been made to the data. One of Metrocom client is the first university in Indonesia to use blockchain technology to detect and reverse unauthorized changes to student academic records.

Telecommunication Sector

Hardening production server at the top telecom company

Our top client in telecomunication industry faced a challenged with hardening production server. metrocom purpose automation solution from our partner to do configure systems, deploy software, and orchestrate advanced workflows to support application deployment, and system updates.This process is aided by the use of a playbook script base on SCIS starndard which can be customized according to a company's security policy and requirements. With the help of our service, companies will no longer have to worry about the challenge of hardening production servers.

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