Prevent data from being compromised
Parameter security is the point to control the network, technology, and data. It is the outer edge of to control and have a responsibility to safeguard. As such, it is also the first point of contact for many external threats to the network, such as IDS/IPS, ANTI VIRUS & MALWARE, DMZ, FIREWALL
Protect your critical data with a secure connection to the server
Network security is protection of the access to files and directories in a computer networking against hacking, misuse, and unauthorized changes to the system, such as Web proxy content filtering, Anti virus & data center firewall, Enterprise IDS/IPS, Enterprise massage security.
Recognizing and terminating the introduction of compromised code
remotely bridged to client devices. Endpoint security attempts to ensure that such devices follow a definite level of complience to standards, such as IDS/IPS, Anti virus & malware, DMZ, firewall.

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Our managed IT services include world-class platform engineering, cloud network, field service desk, service management functions, and more. We customise our solutions to your unique needs. Metrocom manage support comprises of five solutions providing entities spanning accross industries

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Government Sector

Manage Operations for Government Institutions

One of Government Institutions provides a unique service for their customers. Through the process of Migrating Devices and Operating Oracle Sparc server devices, Metrocom team of experts who provide Manage Service 8/5 for Oracle sparc Server devices are able to help customers who are either looking for a cloud solution with or without hardware, or just looking to upgrade their current servers with latest hardware device. Metrocom have a team of experts that are capable of migrating devices and operating Oracle Sparc server devices. Plus, we provide 24/7/365 service with SLAs that work for you.

Banking Sector

Manage Operations for Banking

Our banking client had a new version of the MySQL database, and Metrocom was tasked with migrating it from the old version. Metrocom also handled the database maintenance. Despite the customer's unavailability to schedule the migration and maintenance, Metrocom prioritized the task and made the necessary arrangements. The team identified the critical aspects requiring immediate attention and proceeded with the plan. This process only took a few days because they ensured the readiness of the new database for potential changes. As a result, there was no downtime for customer queries.

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