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Application performance monitoring (APM) is a solution for monitoring the performance of applications in serving various incoming requests. More than that, APM also monitors all performance from Server, Virtual, Cloud, as the location of an application. As a result of this comprehensive monitoring, the user will quickly find out the root cause of a problem that occurs, perform fault domain isolation, and make repairs to application problems as well as the infrastructure of the application.
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The database management system helps business users to store, manipulate, and manage data both on-premise and on-cloud. With the rapid growth of data and the increasing market demand for data, maintenance of the database is required. Apart from that, with the increasing prevalence of the existing cloud, the need for on-cloud databases and migration of databases from on-premises to the cloud is getting bigger.

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Deliver better customer experience by reducing downtime, monitoring and database management services will help you to enhance your customer satisfaction. Metrocom application database & DevOps comprises of two solutions providing entities spanning accross industries

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Banking Sector

No more single point of failure in database with InnoDB cluster

Our top client in banking industry faced a challenged with the existing database still uses Community Edition and single instance and wanted to migrate from a single database to a cluster and upgrading the databases of three main services that require minimal downtime. Metrocom set up a solution using InnoDB cluster technology for cluster high availability needs and there is no single point of failure because the database is already in a cluster and has the High Availability feature.

Telecommunication Sector

Faster troubleshooting with APM analysis

Our top telecommunication company client faced the challenge of various applications running slowly. The APM will be embedded in some of these applications as well as monitoring them. This will reveal what is slowing down the performance of these applications. By analyzing the application, we can find out if there are any potential problems with it or with the system. If there's an issue with the app itself, we can troubleshoot and fix it. We can also do remote analysis, where we will look at our customer's APM server and see what is slowing down performance on that end as well.

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