Verify authenticity and seal files
Electronic documents are just as vulnerable to tampering as physical ones. You can hold onto a copy of your paper-original, but anyone could easily alter and forge an electronic document. The integrity aspect is even more important when using electronic signatures because you'll be able to prove if someone else tampered with it—either before or after the signing process. To ensure this, we seal all digitally signed files within our blockchain software service. Metrocom employs blockchain technology which verifies authenticity right away.
Eliminating the need for intermediaries
Modernizing the verification process and releasing funds has always been a difficult task for financial institutions, and we have identified a solution. Blockchain technology would allow them to eliminate intermediaries like reviewers and auditors which would save time and money. We applied this knowledge through developing a web-app that works as a proof-of-concept of what could be possible in future implementations.
Secure and encrypted your organization data from unauthorized access
Identification and credentials are easier to work with when they're digitized: vaccination cards, academic qualifications, occupational licenses, employee ID, etc. These highly personal pieces of data need to stay private and secure. Governments (and other institutions) around the world are turning towards blockchain technology because it provides an unbreakable security system that will keep all of this sensitive information encrypted from prying eyes forever.
Transform how people live and work in your organization
Through our innovative blockchain applications and smart contract technology open up unprecedented opportunities for innovation in how we live and work. Using a programming language which has been specially tailored to meet the needs of developing distributed systems one can create smart contracts, which act as agreements between parties that are automatically enforced when certain pre-defined rules are met.

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Metrocom provides blockchain services and products to deliver business solutions for data management and security. We enable trustless ecosystems where exchanged information is permanent, authorised, and verified. Metrocom blockchain comprises of four solutions providing entities spanning accross industries.

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Educational Services Sector

Prevent unauthorised changes to student academic records

Blockchain technology is a way to create an immutable audit trail of all authorized updates to student records stored in the university database. Each time a record receives an authorized update, it can be verified against the blockchain to identify any unauthorized changes that have been made to the data. One of Metrocom client is the first university in Indonesia to use blockchain technology to detect and reverse unauthorized changes to student academic records.

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