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It's an exciting time for PT.Metrocom Global Solusi as we celebrate our 25th kick-off meeting on March, 3rd 2023. This is not just any kick off meeting - it's the special 25th anniversary one! It was an event to remember. With the theme of Silver, the company celebrated its success and looked forward to the future. Silver is more than just a color. It stands for #synergy, #innovation, #leadership, #value, #effectiveness, and #rush.

Synergy: Increasing the synergy that has been formed between Metrocom and all of its sister companies to become more harmonious and sustainable.
Innovative: Making the latest innovations and solutions in all fields to support the company's productivity and differentiation so that it can progress and develop.
Leadership: Improving the ability to become a leader, both for him/her self, the team he/she leads and also the company so as to be able to bring and maintain the company's position as a leader among other companies.
Value: Always provide more value added to every job completed in order to achieve customer satisfaction.
Effective: Improving the effectiveness and quality of each job with the goal of faster and better delivery times.
Rush: Accelerating the process of increasing capabilities and experience to master technological developments so that they are always a leader and gain good trust from customers.

During this meeting, representatives from ten divisions and sister companies presented their accomplishments and plans for the upcoming year. They shared stories about how they have achieved synergy, innovation, leadership, value, effectiveness and rush in their respective areas. This online presentation highlighted the hard work of each division and how it has contributed to the success of Metrocom Company. As we look ahead, we should focus on synergy, innovation, leadership, value, effectiveness and rush.

At this meeting, we also launching our new website and Metrocom social media accounts. And introduce a new division - the Marketing Department. This department will focus on creating innovative strategies to promote our products and services online. We believe that with effective marketing strategies in place, we can reach more customers and provide them with greater value. It's time to come together, celebrate our successes, and unleash new ideas for the future. 

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