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Preventive maintenance can be an excellent way to help a company reduce breakdowns, minimize downtime, improve efficiency, and lengthen equipment lifespan. However, like with any program, it's important to understand what types of situations and what kind of equipment can benefit the most from a solid preventive maintenance program. Be sure to identify those critical assets that play an important role in the daily operation of your compan

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The hardware and an application-software platform are provided and managed by an outside cloud service provider, but the user handles the apps running on top of the platform and the data the app relies on. Primarily for developers and programmers, PaaS gives users a shared cloud platform for application development and management (an important DevOps component) without having to build and maintain the infrastructure usually associated with the process.

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We provide assistance to customers as a single point of contact in reporting an incident or problem that occurs.

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Banking sector

Manage Operations for Banking

One of our banking client was running a new version of MySQL database and matrocom wanted to migrate it from this old version. Metrocom was also asked to do database maintenance on the database. Although the customer wanted to schedule the migration and maintenance, they were not available at the moment. With higher priority, Metrocom arranged it for them.The team first identified the part of their work which needed immediate attention and then move on with the plan. This took few days only because they made sure before doing so that their new database would be ready for changes to be made if needed. This ensured that there would be no downtime for any customer queries.

Government sector

Manage Operations for Government Institutions

One of Government Institutions provides a unique service for their customers. Through the process of Migrating Devices and Operating Oracle Sparc server devices, Metrocom team of experts who provide Manage Service 8/5 for Oracle sparc Server devices are able to help customers who are either looking for a cloud solution with or without hardware, or just looking to upgrade their current servers with latest hardware device. Metrocom have a team of experts that are capable of migrating devices and operating Oracle Sparc server devices. Plus, we provide 24/7/365 service with SLAs that work for you.

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