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A company which focus in IT system integrator, that provides customer an end-to-end solution. Bring you the best products in application software, big data analytics, cloud, hardware infrastructure, security system, blockchain, and more.

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Delivering best solutions with outstanding technologies

For 25 years, Metrocom has always been improving its performance and service quality by diversifying the products and continous innovations for the services provided and keep up with the current trend where enterprises needs IT to support their business.

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With deep expertise and end-to-end capabilities, We're here to help you
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App Database & DevOps

Resolves from the source of the problem

Maintain your application performance and find out quickly if there is a problem with your application.

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Big Data

Make it easy for you to see the future

It can be used for strategic decision making and in the creation of new products and service.

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Transparency without compromise

Technology that can help you reduce costs, streamline your supply chain,
and more.

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We do more than provide cloud products

Together, we can create a roadmap for applications and workloads that should transition to the cloud.

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IT Security

Protecting your bussiness and your reputation

Monitor, control, and protect your data from unauthorized access and build organization resilency.

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IT Infrastructure

Simplifying the complexity of IT Infrastructure

We can customize the solution that's right for your bussiness and create a competitive edge.

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Training Center

Training solutions are in your reach

We offer a variety of training programs in the IT field. Providing the best certification for customers.

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Partner that have positive impact

With deep expertise and end-to-end capabilities, we're here to help you prepare for what's next.

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Technology evolves fast — creating new opportunities for businesses to thrive with modern devices, advanced software, and cutting-edge public, private and hybrid infrastructure. But knowing where and how to start your transformation isn't easy.

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