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Metrocom Cloud has been at the forefront of this movement, providing innovative technologies and services that can help you realize your digital vision.

Metrocom cloud comprises of three solutions
providing entities spanning accross industries

Scale infrastructure on demand

A cloud service provider manages the infrastructure for you the actual servers, network, virtualization, and data storage through an internet connection. The user has access through an API or dashboard, and essentially rents the infrastructure. The user manages things like the operating system, apps, and middleware while the provider takes care of any hardware, networking, hard drives, data storage, servers, outages, repairs, and hardware issues.

Improve developer productivity

The hardware and an application-software platform are provided and managed by an outside cloud service provider, but the user handles the apps running on top of the platform and the data the app relies on. Primarily for developers and programmers, PaaS gives users a shared cloud platform for application development and management (an important DevOps component) without having to build and maintain the infrastructure usually associated with the process.

Eliminate Organization Silos

A service that delivers a software application, typically, SaaS apps are web applications or mobile apps that users can access via a web browser. Software updates, bug fixes, and other general software maintenance are taken care of for the user, and they connect to the cloud applications via a dashboard or API. SaaS also eliminates the need to have an app installed locally on each individual user's computer, allowing greater methods of group or team access to the software.

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Metrocom Cloud

The ability to spin up new cloud computing instances in a matter of seconds reshaped the agility and speed of software development.

Cloud with Alibaba

Alibaba cloud offers many advanced security features that guarantee data is securely stored, handled, and can restricited to sensitive data.

Cloud with Oracle

Oracle cloud offers the new level of agility and can give your businesses cloud computing a real advantage over competitors.

Cloud with Huwaei

Huawei cloud environments enables better collaboration across teams: developers, QA, operations, security and product architects.

Cloud with AWS

AWS cloud has unlimited capacity to store any type of data in various format, depending on the availability, and performance.

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